ABS International Paint provides the ranges of Products & Services on Protective Coatings, Marine Coatings, Fire Protection, Heat Insulation Paint, High Heat Resistant Paint.

Our expert technical service representatives can advise, recommend and provide you with third party quality assurance and support through the many varied stages of individual coating projects, new construction or maintenance, from start to finish.

  • Expert qualified TSR support
  • Standardized and real time reporting
  • Secure data storage and management
  • Manager review and real time decisions
  • Reduced risk and increased customer confidence

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A fully integrated, risk based inspection program and maintenance service package that helps to reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifecycle of your assets. A cloud based asset integrity management system supports a predictive approach by providing a multi-year planned maintenance program.

  • Full visibility of the current condition of your plant and assets, ensuring compliance
  • Cost savings by targeting those critical areas in need of maintenance
  • Minimized critical asset downtime and maximizing facility capacity
  • Extended asset life and reduced lifetime cost of assets
  • Optimized, fit for purpose repair systems
  • Hard data to support maintenance budget justification


INTEK products are properties of ABS International Paint JSC. 

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Packing: 5 L and 17 L ONLY

Product conforms to the standards: TCVN 8652:2012 and TCVN 9014: 2011

Logo printed on pails

Nạtional Office of intellectual Property of Vietnam issued Number: 230452

INTEK Anti-Rust Primer and INTEK Heat Insulation Paint  
560x 226 560 x 226


The built environment includes large areas of roof surface which can absorb the Sun's radiation to act as solar radiators.