Advice Heat Insulation Materials

INTEK Heat Insulation Paint for tole roof of factory, warehouses…the best effective of heat insulation and reflect at 12-26 C degrees.  Product of ABS International Paint JSC warranted. 

Speaking to previously used for heat-resistant such as leaves, straw, wood, later to tiles, glazed tiles, corrugated zinc, galvanized, fibro cement, roofing sheets, airbag insulation, roofing fiberglass plastic Latino, religious PU coating, thin plastic sheet, OPP or PE plate silver, foam, glass wool, rock wool, other types of roofing, fans, air conditioners ... 

Whatever the kind, the general rules also essentially the embodiment 3 types against heat as follows:

- Outside: The roofing materials or roofing coatings to prevent heat absorption on the rush roof.

- Inside: The plate, foam, air bags ... prevents heat transfer from the roofing down.

- Design: Design cool flow of air created interchange will relieve hot. 

Tole plate roof has the advantage of convenience in installation, initial investment costs are not high, many people choose. However, the metal sheet absorbs high temperatures causing the tunnel to buildings, housing ... So we have to choose additional measures against heat comes;

- Pressed -polyurethane PU adhesive layer for color coating and galvanizing, gas insulated bag is made of pure aluminum coated plastic sheet, containing the airbag inside, while the outer layer of aluminum bright silver color which helps heat reflection, also contain airbags plastic layer inside will stop the fast heat conduction and heat dissipation, these products have the advantage of relatively cheap price but the sheets OPP, PE silver - are sucking the thin plastic sheet - have drawbacks insulation, sound insulation less susceptible to deformation when the temperature rises, which may cause fire. For those families in a group home, a Level 4 wish against heat and renovate housing, all kinds of heat-resistant foam, plastic suspended ceiling insulation prioritized by cheaper, matching pockets of majority Some consumers. 

Water injection to the roof: water injection system may seem complicated, requires electricity, water, containers, tubes, nozzles, pump ... 

Insulation mat, PU paste onto corrugated cost sizeable variations depending on quality effectively. Pads often hide visibility to the roof so if a leak it would be difficult to detect, are assuming home, factories are operating the construction and installation must move up the cumbersome, for firms active should carefully consider the impact or disruption. 

Plate plaster ceiling is common plan despite lower costs, complicated construction if to move to Statistics size ladder, chair of construction, part of this work, only a professional can do that. 

Fan, fan steam: Most families but also use heat from the fan on steamed down much more power consumption, heat and fan myself ... just the embodiment night, short time is no sun intense. Needs electricity for opperations. 

- Air conditioning is very cool air but not everyone can buy them, not everyone conditional use, it's not possible to install and also, of course, to think about the power consumption, occasional electricity. 

Currently, the manufacturer has studied the Heat Insulation Paint, but also options require use categories, such surfaces is to use brick wall after heat absorption bowl is not high expenditures required functional decorative paint against heat is satisfied, then, is as simple as regular paint. 

As for the roof should be INTEK Heat Insulation Paint because the surface is corrugated metal, high heat-absorbing coating should not adhere well to the surface religion but also against heat outstanding functions, protect the surface for added durability roof. 

For INTEK Heat Insulation Paint can be applied directly onto the roof and concrete wall ensuring satisfied homeowners. 

INTEK Heat Insulation Paint is a water-based one component, you can apply by roller, brush, and use sprayer for large area. Assuming there is not much area, Saturday, Sunday homeowners can buy paint to paint for fun but effective self higher unexpected results, both are happy. 

If the factory, note your enterprise to effectively against heat, package cost on M2, construction of production affect your business or not. 

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INTEK Heat Insulation Paint will make you feel secure because the construction does not disrupt daily life and not disrupt production and business, at reasonable prices INTEK Heat Insulation Paint applying directly onto the roof, roof wall protection aims more durable roof. Reduce heat corrugated surfaces from 12-26 C degrees, creating a cool environment, power saving, reduce noise when heavy rains, increase worker productivity and efficiency against heat unexpectedly and performance Your business will be better! 

For housing, factory roof roofing is, we do not need to wait till you see it gests rusty. Right from the start, think about protecting roof, how religious are more durable because of the cost of replacing costly new religion. If new roof no paint, no rusted old metal roof, you can use apply INTEK Heat Insulation Paint and protect respect, both effective against heat, despite the old roof had been rusted- do not worry, Simply apply first coat of INTEK Anti rust primer, here is water-based primer - then apply INTEK Heat Insulation Paint for satisfactory purpose of anti rust, hot. 

When the construction, repair and maintenance of civil and industrial we need to consider alternatives against heat, ventilation, air conditioning system, heat resistant roof plan appropriate, effective effective, convenient, affordable and especially protected reliability roof and corrugated rust rusted can then replace heatsink for costly new religious complex. Currently, heat-resistant materials market in the country is quite diverse in types you consider the most beneficial.

Each plan has its own advantages and disadvantages, design consulting, business owners and homeowners are required to effectively combat hot, initial investment costs, operating costs, maintenance costs ... please contact us for the best solutions and costs.


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