Interior Paint


INTEK Green Emulsion Paint is a low-sheen water-based paint for interior use.

  • Algae and fungus resistant and provides protection from bacteria.
  • Low VOC and does not contain mercury, lead, chrome and aromatic chemicals.
  • Washable and resistant to stains and dusts.
  • Electrometric and covers up hairline cracks.

Surface Preparation:

New Surfaces:

It is crucial that ample time is allowed for the concrete/ plaster surface to dry out. High moisture content is a common cause for premature paint failure, such as blistering, discolorations, ect.

Concrete/plaster are alkaline in nature and together with the presence of salts and moisture may cause paint system to fail prematurely.

Masonry surface must be reasonable dry and free from oil/grease and other contaminants before an appropriate alkali resistance sealer is applied.

Old Unpainted/ Previously Painted Surfaces:

Surface must be dry and free from any structural damages and cracks. Wash the surface to remove any vegetable growths, stain, debris and powderiness by high pressure water jet. Fungicial wash should be used as a wash and left for 48 hours before final rinse with clean water. This will ensure most algae spores are killed.

For old paintwork that is sound and has good adhesion, wash off dirt and surface powder with clean water or brushing before painting with INTEK Green Emulsion Paint.

For poor paintwork which is powdery, chalky and poor in adhesion, it is crucial to remove the old paintwork by scraping or by brushing with a stiff bristle brush before the full painting system is applied.