Marine Paint

We offer a comprehensive product offer and service to meet the needs of a diverse range of coastal fleets and vessel types, operating within a wide range of trading patterns, including general cargo vessels, dredgers, fishing vessels, tugs, offshore supply vessels and passenger/cargo ferries, all of which require high levels of protection demanded at both the new building stage and maintenance and repair.
The world's navies, which include aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers, frigates, destroyers, submarines, amphibious warfare ships and auxiliary vessels all require specialist products.
To meet the highly specific needs of warships and their support vessels, we offer advanced deck systems, fouling release systems, low solar absorption exterior coatings and tank linings all designed to maximise fleet availability whilst controlling operational costs.
Complementing our seastores package, our new Interstores range is designed to keep OBM SIMPLE. The new range reduces complexity on board, is compatible with all existing coatings systems and is easy to apply.
This range forms part of our new streamlined 'port and product offer', which ensures Interstores are available in the world's major ports - keeping lead times to a minimum.
Specifically designed for ease of use, Interstores products are suitable for application by brush and roller and can be applied directly over a wide range of existing product. Find out more about Interstores Polyurethane, Interstores Alkyd, and Interstores Epoxy Primer
Seastores Range
From more specialized high performance products for outstanding anticorrosive protection, heat resistance and surface tolerance, to our everyday easy to use, easy to apply Interstores touch up coatings, our comprehensive Seastores range is designed to protect, maintain and enhance your image.