Application Consulting Heat Insulation Paint

Weather conditions

* It does not rain, no fog, no strong wind.

* Temperature of 15 degrees Celsius or higher.

* Humidity no higher than 85%

 560x 226

Surface preparation

* Clean, removing rust flaking materials

* Fill cracks and holes, cracks sealed.

* Wash the surface with clean water. If necessary, use a mild detergent suitable, then rinse with clean water.

  Surface preparation bowl brick, concrete

* New Wall

+ Let dry completely at least 21 days.

+ Putty putty. For exterior walls to outdoor use waterproof putty.

+ Flatten by rubbing sandpaper

* Old Wall

+ Scrape peeling materials

+ Sealing cracks in plaster walls and flattened by rubbing sandpaper


Prepare to apply

* Stir the paint

* If the specific process can be mixed with 5% water

Application of heat insulation paint

* Use brush, roller or spray gun

* The first coat should be thin layer. After 2 hours apply next coat when sun shining.

* Negative are 2-3 layers reaches the level 2 to 2.5 M2 / L dry film thickness equivalent at 0:25 to 0:35 mm.

Applying by Spraying Machines

Use GRACO Ultra Max II 795 or equivlent.

Cleaning up

* If using a brush or roller, then wiped off excess paint volume. Wash tools with water. Can soak brushes or rollers in clean water for tomorrow.

* Use a spray supplement: spray paint the entire content in pipes and nozzles. Clean water loaded into the tube and spout off.


Air humidity: do not apply when humidity is above 85%.

Ambient temperature: Do not apply when the temperature is below 5°C or above 45°C.

Surface temperature: Minimum 3°C above dew point temperature. Too high  temperature can damage the paint film, so construction conditions need to be adjusted when the temperature is above 50°C, such as changing working time, shielding, etc.

Limit contamination from dust... Stop applying it rains, snow, fog, strong winds, to avoid damage or destruction of the paint film and paint loss.

Actual coverage may depend on shape, size, surface condition of base material, weather, application method and other factors.

The product can only be used and applied by trained professional workers.

Storage: 24 months at 23°C, check product  after this time. Store in a covered, dry place, away from heat and sparks. The shelf life may be shorter when the temperature is above 23°C.

560 x 226