INTEK Heat Insulation Paint

 Product Description:

  • INTEK is water base one component heat insulation paint that produced by special materials and unique technology. It obviously has the heat insulating result by reduce 10 – 26°C on surface when temperature at above 60°C, the more heater weather the more different temperature between internal and external, energy saving. Making your building cooler in the summer or hot sunny weather.
  • Good adhesion, can apply on many type of surfaces such as tole, concrete, roof tile.
  • For hot sunny weather, if use INTEK Heat Insulation you save energy and increase production.
  • Protection tole, reduce noise when it heavily rains..

Intended Uses:

  • Apply on surfaces need to reduce heat from the sun like tole, roof tile, wall of factory,
    school, hotel, hospital, shop, store, house, and farm.

Reference Figures:

  • Components: Adhesives, foamer, thinner, water.
  • Thickness: Apply 2 - 3 coats at 0,25 - 0,35 mm.
  • Theoretical coverage: 6-8 m2/ L / Layer.
  • Application method: brush, roller, spray gun.
  • Cleaner: Water − Packing: 5L and 17L
INTEK-17L 560 x 226


1. Surface Preparation:

  • All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry, free contamination.
  • Aged coatings, rusty surfaces should be removed, treated clean before application..
  • Concrete wall: cracks and defects should be treated before application..

2. Application:

  • Old, rusty tole surfaces: Recommend to use INTEK Anti-rust Primer or INTEK Multi-functions Primer.
  • New tole surfaces: Apply 2 – 3 layers of INTEK Heat Insulation at 0.3mm – 0.5mm, over coating interval 1 – 2h up to weather condition. First layer should be applied thin to protect not to be cracked, pill off. In case thick paint, difficult to apply; dilute 5 – 10% of clean water. First coating should be painted lightly, thus can achieve the better adhesion result of the coating. It may be painted thin or diluted with clean water, the amount of adding water will depend on the water absorbent of material.

560x 226